Charis Coke MA AIPS FHEA

Graduating from The Surrey Institute of Art and Design with a BA (Hons) in Film & Video in 1999 Charis moved into the world of professional sound production, working both for Celador (on their popular series 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire') and independent UK filmmakers, such as Anthony Fabian (Dir. 'Skin' 2009).
Whilst expanding her knowledge of both Sound Recording and Sound Editing Charis worked on a number of independent projects before completing her Masters Degree in 'Sound Design For The Screen' at the illustrious Media School, Bournemouth University in 2003; under the tutelage of Stephen Deutsch, Maike Helmers and Sean Street. Charis was able to explore technical, creative and theoretical aspects within Film Sound; with particular research into the work of Dane Davis, Skip Lievsay, Alan Splet, Walter Murch and the theories of Michel Chion. These elements combined with the advanced technical instruction have anchored Charis's work in both the technical and theoretical - with her main influence stemming from the emotional, narrative and creative effect sound has on its audience, and the development of characterisation possible within that, even in some more abstract forms.

After attaining her MA Charis moved into teaching, alongside her practical work; taking monthly contracts with UCA, instructing undergraduate students (on a number of different courses) in the use of Pro Tools in Sound Post Production, as well as holding sound recording workshops for 'Film Production' and 'TV Drama' students.
During this time work continued on other projects including working with artists Daria Martin and Michael Clark, collaborating with composers Helen Muddiman and Zeena Parkins, as well as filmmakers such as Araceli Fernandez and Charlotte Prodger. This work was screened at a variety of venues, including Tate Modern, The British Film Institute, Four Corners and the National Film Theatre. These projects included working  with a number of different people, such as filmmaker Nicolas Roeg, editor Ulrike Munch and cinematographer Noski Deville; all enabling Charis to expand her field of experience into new areas.

In 2007 Charis was appointed as a Senior Lecturer at UCA, on the Film Production course. This appointment gave her an opportunity to embed her core beliefs of the role of sound in film in her teaching but also giving students the chance to explore their own passion and influence in film sound throughout the three years of study.
Charis also completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in the Creative Arts whilst in the first year of this post, exploring the theories of teaching in a creative environment, and how this relates to student experience and the perception of their own creativity.

Charis is an Affiliate member of the Institute of Professional Sound an Associate member of the Audio Engineering Society and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy